Saturday, September 5, 2009

SS501 in Malaysia Fanmeet [20090903]


thanks to my dearest friend's dear source *wink*

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i love mixhybrid!!!

***** CSI CORNER *****

okay, i've been spazzing about the similarity in their bracelets for almost a week now ...
i kinda believe they have this in diff shapes, sizes and layer count hahahaha ...

a) HB in R2songMV
b) HJ in China Fanmeet
c) HB in 1 vs 100
d) HJ in Malaysia FanMeet

do you miss the SKELETAL BOY? haha.
i can see a SKULL in his shirt & a SKULL in his ring!

and allow me to quote sammikoo@soompi:
i'm not sure whether it's the same tradition in Korea,
usually men wear important accessories on left hand while women wear on right hand,
which makes up a pair.

and see in the pix,
hyunjoongie wore it on left wrist and hwang buin wore it on right wrist,

they are in a pair:)"

i think they really love to wear SIMILAR bracelets ...
here's another one from IG 98 & HJ's pictorial for their album ...

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  1. PERFECT! 11 out of 10 !!!!!

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