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Sunday, November 29, 2009

JoongBo - MV55 - Nunmuldo Mianhaeseo

another MV that means a lot to me ...

Behind every beautiful story, there is pain.
Behind every sad song, there are happy memories.

there's always a story behind every song ... listening to a sad song doesn't mean you're sad ...

be positive and just remember the happy memories behind it ...

Monday, September 28, 2009

JoongBo - MV48 - Back At One

there's a reason why i made this MV ... soon, everyone will know =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Down Down Down

on JAE BUM ...

okay. this news about JaeBum leaving 2PM, and leaving Korea really saddened me. how cruel can antis be, huh? one can only take enough.

here's the vid of JaeBom leaving Korea ... he was saying Sorry to his fans and when he bowed down, it just broke my heart ...

About the entire story:

Despite apology, fans refuse to forgive 2PM member for four-year-old comments about Korea

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The Korea Times and Herald have the story of fans who are enraged at a member of boy band 2PM, Jae-beom. Four years ago, when he was still a trainee at JYP Entertainment, waiting to debut, he wrote some negative comments about Korea on his MySpace page. (You can see screen captures of them here.) He apologized profusely, in a way that bordered on grovelling, but that’s not good enough for some fans. As a result, the promotional activities of 2PM have been put on hold for an unknown amount of time. However, Park Jin-young (JYP) has said that neither he, nor the other members of 2PM, want to kick him out of the group.
Personally, I can understand how he could have felt culture-shocked and upset. He was, at that time, an 18-year-old kid, in Korea for the first time and all alone, since his family was still in America, where he was born and had grown up. While his comments from four years ago are definitely childish and show very poor judgment, it’s clear from his apology that in the years since he’s become much more mature and articulate.

source: http://extrakorea.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/despite-apology-fans-refuse-to-forgive-2pm-member-for-four-year-old-comments/

JaeBum actually already gave his apologies on Sep 5 ... but i guess some crazies didnt understand what an 18 yr old was feeling that time -- an 18-yr old guy who grew up in Seattle, he went to Korea for training, leaving his mom and sibling in US, undergoing such trainings w/out even knowing what's really up for him ... he was just depressed that time, and yeah, he was alone -- found some cure thru leaving messages in his myspace w/c he doesnt really meant.

Hello everyone this is 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize on behalf of the comments I had made through Myspace a few years ago. I’m sorry.

As I tell all of you about how I felt that time, I also would like to apologize. In January of 2005, I came to Korea as a high school student. I was born in the States and I had insufficient knowledge of how Korea is. Being it my first time, I couldn’t communicate with others, my taste buds didn’t fit, and I barely knew the culture which I couldn’t understand. I felt as though I was treated coldly by the people around me as my family was left in the States. It was such a difficult situation where I didn’t even know if I was going to debut. Due to many hardships, things were getting too hard and I was getting lonely being homesick. I had the thoughts of quitting and I wanted to go back to my family in the States. The comment based on the Korea part: I wrote that because of my personal situation I was placed in and my emotions took over. I was too young and said things in the wrong words. I was too foolish, young, and facing difficulties where I made the mistake into turning my surroundings worse. Time passed by and I forgot that I had even written them. I am now embarrassed and truly sorry of those comments I had made. After that time, I had adjusted to everything and my thoughts have changed tremendously as I thank the people around me to get me to perform on stage in any situation. Those comments were made four years ago, but I am a different person now. To my family, Hottests, members of 2PM, and those who love 2PM, I am truly sorry. From now on, I hope that there will be no mistakes like this ever again. I will say it one more time that I am truly sorry.

-2PM’s Jaebum-

source: http://sarangkpop.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/2pm-jaebeom-apologizes/
oh well, atleast he is now with his mom in Seattle. if there's anyone he needs, it's being with his mom.

hope this issue will soon die down coz i wanna see JAY again. i became a fan becoz of the 4 shows i've seen him with Hwang Bo. i like him best in Nodaji.



and then, here's come KHJ down with H1N1 in Japan. and guess what, he might be quarantined for 15-20 days. okay, the positive side is he'll get enough rest that he needs, the sad thing is he'll be in Japan - alone in the hospital, far from his Buin.

hopefully he can recover soon just like how my fave Japanese stars Yamap & Ryo recovered just last week.


on HWANG BO ...

i am actually more concerned about her. she's close to both -- Jay being her co-star in Nodaji and of course, HJ is her Shillang.

around midnight, Hwang Bo updated her cyworld. she even updated her diary ...

"Please leave me a message of cheer~
Press (02)141

PO Box 816-0816"

(credit kairu@soompi for the translations)

(02)141 = (02)(1+4+1) = (02)(06) = (06)(06) => KHJ's bday
816-0816 = 0816 = Hwang Bo's bday

well, not just that, she also uploaded this picture on her cyworld:

and if you're a JoongBoer, you'll get what this picture means ... HB looking at the SKULL. we all know who's fond of skulls, right? in case you didn't know, he's currently in Japan, down with H1N1.

if there's one thing, HB CARES for him. how i wish i can send her a plane ticket to Japan to cheer her up.


KHJ wore skull ring in Malaysia, and seems like HB too wore a skull ring in her recent performance: http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/1586/33679804.jpg

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Exclusive SS501 Pics in Malaysia Fanmeet [20090903]


*wink* thanks to my dearest friend's dear source *wink*

-- click on the pics to view the original size --

i wish they'll come to the Philippines too!
credit all photos to mixhybrid and a very reliable source ;)

missing joongbo...random post.....

michsann, i love the new blog! this totally brings me back to the good 'ol days...spazz 'til we drop!

haptic cm, joongbo version...

"naughty" boy's reaction to the sekshiii Arisong goddess...

then he realizes everyone feels the same......hahaha. ...

ah, behave shillang or i'll send someone your way...lol...

*credit as tagged/HJ soompi thread/HB mh/imur100*

SS501 in Malaysia Fanmeet [20090903]


thanks to my dearest friend's dear source *wink*

-- please do not repost the pics elsewhere --
-- click on the pics to view the original size --

i love mixhybrid!!!

***** CSI CORNER *****

okay, i've been spazzing about the similarity in their bracelets for almost a week now ...
i kinda believe they have this in diff shapes, sizes and layer count hahahaha ...

a) HB in R2songMV
b) HJ in China Fanmeet
c) HB in 1 vs 100
d) HJ in Malaysia FanMeet

do you miss the SKELETAL BOY? haha.
i can see a SKULL in his shirt & a SKULL in his ring!

and allow me to quote sammikoo@soompi:
i'm not sure whether it's the same tradition in Korea,
usually men wear important accessories on left hand while women wear on right hand,
which makes up a pair.

and see in the pix,
hyunjoongie wore it on left wrist and hwang buin wore it on right wrist,

they are in a pair:)"

i think they really love to wear SIMILAR bracelets ...
here's another one from IG 98 & HJ's pictorial for their album ...

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